The amazingly amazing adventures of a hormonal and awkward teenager.

Monday, 15 October 2012


The other weekend I went to a party of a vague friend of mine, it was kinda an open invitation thing which meant there were loads of people most of whom I didn't know. So, readers of the internet, to help deal with this problem I may have had a little bit to drink...

This makes everything much easier, probably because I stop being concerned with what people are thinking of me because I am concentrating so hard on not falling over (I don't even need to be that drunk, I'm pretty sure I just have shit balance anyway).  Although me being a lot more sociable is also dangerous, I say a lot of dumb-ass things to people I have never met before.

But what's great is that most people at parties are drinking, therefore don't notice you being an idiot (and there's always the drunkest, craziest person you can count on to hold most of the attention). The party actually ended up being ended by the police, (yeah I go to hardcore parties - believe it.) because the girls parents came home and weren't to happy about the whole situation (sounds like a soap opera, my life is more dramatic then I realised...).
When walking back to the tube station, some random guy stumbled up to us and handed my friend his iPhone. At first we were very confused, but it soon came to light that he and his brother were trying to find each other, but he was too drunk to explain to his brother where he was and how to find him.

We, being the kind citizens that we are, explained to his brother where he was and how to find him and then firmly told him to STAY where he was and not to hand out his very expensive phone to anyone else. He was very friendly so we changed the background on his phone as a souvenir of our meeting which he would probably not remember...

It's late now and I am getting up at FREAKIN' 3:40 to catch a plane. I am going on a school trip to Istanbul and I don't get back until Sunday, but you can count on some hopefully interesting stories from my adventures in Turkey, I know I'm going to wear a headscarf (I anticipate it falling off my head), go to some turkish baths (I anticipate having mud rubbed on me by a turkish man) and spend all day on a ferry (I anticipate throwing up on my history teacher).


  1. I have just found your curiously intriguing blog and I have to say I am rather spellbound. I too am a crap teenager (and I want a t-shirt, by the way, that says so: get to it) and I love your art. you tell great stories. Your posts remind me of vlogs but in post-form. Which, I am now realising, would be blogs, which is what this is, so I should probably shut up, eat some toast and call it a day.

  2. Haha thank you! Another post is long overdue (I have a big one coming), I would love to do t-shirts but don't think anyone but you would want them... Nice to find a kindred spirit though, and I freakin' love toast by the way.

  3. AARGH, Lucky, I never went to hardcore parties! D:
    It totally sounds like the things you see on tv shows and teen movies
    I love your blog and your art style btw!
    Keep it up :3