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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mocks are over, back to crapness.

My AS mocks/exams are over, I'm back to regular school and do not have to be revising ALL THE TIME, although to be fair, this is me revising:

And to be fair, my mocks ended a while ago, I'm just a crap blogger...
Being back to school, I have been trying to continue with my new school year resolutions and mainly the ones about being generally cooler and better dressed. This is because I would rather be remembered/seen by the rest of the school like this:

Rather than this (my true form):
Tooth-paste stained hoodie, pyjama bottoms and unicorn slippers.

Unfortunately this doesn't fit in very well with my morning routine.
I am woken by my alarm at 6:45 and lie in a half-dead squinty eyed way until I happen to see that it is 7:15 at which point I might swear, but still don't actually get out of bed for another 5 minutes - leaving very little time for me to look presentable, let alone stylish. And I end up running down the hill to catch my train every freakin' morning.

And having run all the way down to arrive just in time for my train, I arrive as the epitome of grace and glamour:

 Another problem I have with trying to be presentable is nail varnish. Unless I get industrial varnish fused onto my fingers by a welding machine, this is what happens every time I try and wear nail varnish:

All within the space of about 24 hours.
Yeah life is tough.
But it was my birthday on the 29th Jan (woop!) I got an iPhone, and am very in love with it.
I think I love it more than I would a human child....

Have a nice February! Because with my track record, I probably won't post for another month.


  1. Then don't wear it! I don't like the stuff anyway. Why do we even need it?

    1. That's true, my mum hates it. I always go through stages of wanting to wear it all the time or thinking simple clean nails look best. And when I first put it on I am always too distracted by the prettiness of it to realise that it's all just going to go downhill from there...

  2. I simply can't stand nail varnish, as soon as I open the tube its all over the walls and me like a nuclear explosion and I'm just there like "Help???" I opened a nail varnish bottle and no I'm wading through it. So yeah, imagine being like me, thats even worse!!! At least you had good nails to start with, I can't even open a bottle without having to run away from it five seconds later...:D
    Btw, I'm just as Crap teenager as you are, so that makes two of us.

    1. Ah yess! Nice to find a fellow crap teenager. I think there must be some magical secret to nail painting that we just haven't been told yet... as I type this I am admiring my extremely chipped and attractive nails and thinking I should probably venture to re-paint them.