The amazingly amazing adventures of a hormonal and awkward teenager.

Monday, 18 June 2012


I am ‘Crap Teenager’ and, if I’m not too lazy, I intend to blog about the hardships of life that come with being a little socially awkward and hormonal at the same time. Being a modern day teen is tough work, there are embarrassments, experiences/ adventures (or lack of them) and a constant pressure to not look like an idiot. I am 16 years old, a girl and embarrassingly mainstream when it comes to music/movies/books.  I like sleeping, lying in bed after having slept (but not actually asleep anymore) and drawing. This is why I will be telling you my adventures partly through illustration, it’s difficult to take nice photos of everything I’ll talk about e.g. my grubby dog, so it’s best for me to draw it. On that note, I also have a crap dog. He is the mongrelisest of mongrels but looks like a Jack Russell and believes himself to be the highest of pedigrees. He will eat pretty much anything (as I’m sure is true of most dogs) apart from fish-fingers, he and fish-fingers have a weird relationship which he doesn’t like to talk about. I sometimes cal him a ‘nervous pervous’ because of the way he likes to growl quietly when people come to the house from the safety of his bed, and is just a big scardey cat in general.

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