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Thursday, 21 June 2012

One of my many attempts to curl my hair

I tried using a hairband to wrap my hair around overnight like I saw in a tutorial. This was to give my fluffy and boring hair beautiful princess curls. Why do people always make tutorials look so easy?! The woman made it look like a two minute job to neatly tuck your hair in for a cute little milkmaid type hairstyle to sleep in and wake up with lustrous curls. My version wasn't quite as perfected as hers...

Am I just so uncoordinated that I wouldn't be able to do any of this stuff anyway? If I can't SEE the back of my head how on earth am I gonna tuck it into a band to give me no-water no-heat curls? Let alone do anything rash like style it. I get so paranoid that the hair at the back of my head looks like a blind monkey attacked it whenever I attempt any sort of hairstyle. I'm pretty sure its just me being uncoordinated and my hair being generally resistant to 'styling'. 
Anyway, I didn't exactly wake up with the beautiful ringlets of joy I had planned, it was more like unexplainable, angular volume... with one little ringlet at the front.

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