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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Online campaign..?

I read about that Girl Cady Eimer who got to go with Justin Bieber to the Billboard awards because of her online campaign to get him to be her prom date. WTTFFF?! This girl is genius! And it made me wonder… if I worked hard enough at it do you think I could get Chris Hemsworth to leave his beautiful Spanish wife and newborn child to date me? It would be a tough effort (were talking youtube videos, a website, constant tweets - the whole shazam) but in the end I think it would be worth it... 

I choose Chris Hemsworth because I have recently seen Snow White and the huntsman. And basically, I ALWAYS fancy whoever the main guy was in the last film/tv series I’ve watched (This is due to my body being so ridiculously pumped full of teenage hormones). There are some exceptions to this rule, after finishing Edward Scissorhands I just felt creeped out - and the same applies for Frankenstein. It's difficult for me really, just as I have forgotten which actor is currently in my fancy -  I go ahead and watch another movie! I really need to think these things through. I’ve been planning to go and see ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ but writing this has made me realise it’s probably dangerous. I’d like to note that I don’t mean dangerous for Andrew Garfield, I’m not a creeper who’s gonna do something like send him my hair and blood in the post.

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  1. you should watch Thor if you like chris :D he's perfect