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Friday, 20 July 2012


Over the past week I have been in Spain on holiday with my friend's family (no blog posts - shock horror). After booking the holiday my friends mum discovered it was the gay holiday destination and during our stay we saw many rainbow flags, clubs such as 'Fag Attack' and shops selling interesting, tight clothing items. There were also dogs - so many tiny, tiny dogs. I literally didn't even know dogs could be that small, it's kinda creepy really, they're like little aliens but with hair styled with little bows. And they get carried around by their owners, probably because tiny dogs can get pretty angry I think a lot of them aren't aware of their size and try and challenge anything that comes their way to a fight. All the dogs did make me miss my own crap dog at home though, I must have been remembering him much cleaner and better behaved.

We went to the beach most days, because it was right there and we couldn't be bothered to be cultured. Seeing as I arrived a similar colour to raw chicken, I was hoping to achieve a glorious golden glow - which proved difficult when I was having to apply suncream every half hour to my pallid english skin to avoid the classic tourist burn. I never burn badly but I hate that when you do its like having a massive flashing sign above you saying 'I AM A TOURIST AND I AM NOT USED TO THE SUN AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL'

And it was SO HOT, after 5 minutes on the beach I would have a substantial layer of sand covering my whole body and would feel like I was literally melting into the ground. Luckily for me there was an ocean right next to where I was lying which I swam in to cool off (handy eh?). The waves weren't that big, but being the un-coordinated and un-sporty teenage girl that I am I repeatedly attempted to 'ride them'  this resulted in an old spanish guy seeing my left boob when the sea tried to make off with my bikini for the billionth time and my head being filled with a lot of salty water from every hole. And the water was VERY salty, the combination of the sun and salt made it feel as if my face was slowly corroding away.

The beach is surprisingly tiring considering I mostly just lay on the sand. I would get back to the rental apartment and have to empty out all the sand I had managed to carry with me from the beach (I am surprised that the beach is still there really, I must have had at least a fifth of its sand in my clothes and bag each day). I would also try to apply cream to my corroded face and any pinky patches to try and make them fade or go more of a golden brown colour. Because I used Sudocrem it usually resulted in me having some attractive white patches which I'm sure were much admired by all who saw me (by this I mean my friend's family who saw me right before I climbed into bed - I did not go out in public with Sudocrem all over my face). I don't think that there is anything that Sudocrem doesn't do, it's always my go-to cream: Arm is itchy? - 'meh I'll rub in some Sudocrem', Forehead spotty - 'Sudocrem will fix this!' Smudge on the wall? - I'll put some Sudocrem on it... I think the stuff is magical (this is starting to sound like an advetorial, trust me - no advertisers would be interested in targeting the market of this blog's readers which probably amounts to around 3 people). On Saturday when I was in the bathroom I noticed it says 'No known case of overdose' on the tub...

challenge accepted.

I flew back from Barcelona airport yesterday evening and although I had a lovely time, am grateful for the more moderate temperature back home (although it did pour with rain for a while this afternoon). I don't understand why people always complain about flying, they always say they are so tired after their flight and are just going to go and rest etc... What?! You sit in a comfy chair for hours and can sleep, read, listen to music and sometimes even watch movies - all while you have food and drinks handed to you by smiling air hostesses. I suppose if you have to get up in the middle of the night you're tired, but again - the journey is a good time to get those extra hours of rest you missed out on. Okay rant over, if you feel strongly on the subject feel free to angrily comment below. I have to go empty my suitcase of its thick layer of sand.


  1. Did you draw these pictures yourself? They're really good if you did, but the only thing is is that I don't know how to follow your blog! I don't think you have a follow button, but excuse me if I'm wrong... :L :)

  2. scrap that last question, I just read that you did actually draw these in another post. (I wish I was that good) :)

  3. Aw thank you! I should have a follow button now... Not previously having one would explain my lack of followers ;)

    1. If you put one on, I'm sure you'll get loads. My stomach kinda hurt from laughing so much after I read this.. :P :)