The amazingly amazing adventures of a hormonal and awkward teenager.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Hey, the Olympics are already over?

As you probably haven't noticed, I haven't done a post in some sweet time. This is firstly because it is impossible to get near a computer with 18 people in the house (I have a lot of cousins...) many of which are teenagers who URGENTLY need to check Facebook, Twitter... etc and because on holiday I don't do much, the only people I meet is the occasional sour old french lady at the corner shop. And even then this is very rare because in rural france shops are NEVER open, they take two hours off everyday for lunch, a two day weekend and then every other day is a public holiday (Even when I am able to go I can only awkwardly smile at them anyway because my french is so freakin' awful).
I was actually going to talk about the Olympics, because hey - it only comes round every four years and ended yesterday (so his post is a little late I suppose). It's not that I have a great interest in sport (Being a crap teenager you probably won't be surprised to hear that I was described as unco-ordianted and inept by my year 9 sport teacher) and I didn't keep track of what sport is happening when. But when I happened to walk past the TV showing athletes competing I found myself uncontrollably drawn to the sofa and 5 minutes in, I was leaning forward in my seat, stressfully egging on whichever athlete happens to be there (usually the one the presenters have mentioned is likely to win), my eyes tearing up. Really I should be grateful that it is over rather than sad - I will be able to relax as I watch tv instead of being irrationally tense for the athletes.
Also my grandfather has a scanner, which I might try and sneakily use...


  1. My PE teacher hates me too. Despite saving me from a MAJOR bullying incident, I don't like her, and to be honest who could expect to be liked when they are paid for putting children through hell? Hello! I'm BB. I love your blog, you're just like me with the whole Olympic thing. Could you please check out my blog? Tell me if you like or not, or not. I don't mind. :) BB xx

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