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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March - Spring cleaning time?

I'm so glad its finally getting warmer, I usually don't care much about the cold, that is until I get into bed and it feels like I'm climbing into an ice cave. My house is pretty old and my bedroom has two outside walls meaning a find myself trying to get to sleep in sub-zero temperatures.

My room is also pretty much always messy.  And as I'm sure many other teenagers will be aware, despite the fact that your parents never spend ANY TIME in your room - you have to keep it tidy. In my case, I don't care if I have to wade through a foot of discarded clothes/shoes/bags/paper/wrappers/old cups of tea to get to my bed but apparently my mum does.
So I started to tidy up my desk after being nagged since the dawn of time by my mum to do so, and it soon became evident that it had been messy for longer than I realised. I found some really weird crap on that desk - for example I found a lesson timetable for the recorder teacher at my primary school, but neither me nor my siblings actually took recorder lessons, so I have no idea how the document ended up in my possession.
I think it was a sign I need to be tidier and more organised. But hey, I'm a busy lady - and when I'm a billionaire I'll have people to do that for me right? (do not know how I might become a billionaire but I'm working on it)


  1. Hey I really understand you jajaja yesterday I founded a hair band of my little pony that used to use when I was a child :)

    1. Haha nice, you should take that hairband and wear it again - with pride.

  2. I know the feeling of being made to tidy your room by people who don't go into your room - ever. *sighh* What difficult lives we lead, eh? I'd much rather use the tidying time on tumblr or, y'know, sleeping ...

  3. when I'm a billionaire I'll have people to do that for me right?

    --sounds cool !!!

  4. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Liebster award, see my blog for more details

  5. congratulations! I've just nominated you for the Liebster award! :D Claim it at my blog,

    Love, Nina. x

  6. Hello! I really like the illustrations on your blog :) keep going! ^^

  7. Ugh. HATE cleaning my room.

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