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Monday, 14 October 2013

My poor diet attempt

A few weeks ago I attempted to go on a 'no-carb' diet. This basically means you can never eat anything that you want to eat: Pasta, bread, potatoes - ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR. This was a way to tackle something I like to call 'the pooch'

I was also hoping to lose some face-weight because I suffer from something that my family like to refer to as 'Slab face'

This meant that I was living off solely meat,eggs and vegetables for about 10 days (I did not last very long). I was also getting a large amount of my meals from a brand called 'eat water' which produces slim noodles and slim rice (slim noodles being like wet rubber bands and slim rice being slim noodles cut up very small). A large problem with this diet was snacking. I couldn't exactly come home and have a slab of meat, and didn't really just want to pop a raw vegetable in my mouth.

So I had been painfully following the diet for 10 days, when me and my friend went to a little art gallery (yeah, we're totally cultured). Afterwards we wondered into the art gallery cafe and she suggested we share a brownie. Now I wasn't gonna make my friend lose out on a brownie just because I was on a crazy diet, I mean, what kind of monster would do that? Its just unheard of cruelty. Literally my only option was to eat half of this brownie. I definitely did not have a choice in the matter. Definitely.

It was a good brownie.

But now that I had already broken my diet, which I hadn't done ALL WEEK (at all, literally not one smidgen of sugar) It was a lost cause for that day. And when I got home, I accidentally found myself literally stuffing sliced white bread into my mouth. I couldn't stop (I think I was possessed)

And that readers, is how my diet ended. Me, feeling quite sick and accepting that I will probably never have the figure of a model.


  1. I always do the same thing. I'm on diet but... that's a cake with Nutella? Ok, I'm not on diet anymore
    2 seconds later: Where's the cake?

    1. Haha exactly. We should definitely just give up on diets forever, it's just plain cruelty to deny oneself cake with nutella...

  2. I love your blog!! You have a great sense of humor and it's awesome how you have your own signature style with all the illustrations!