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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New House... New me? Unlikely.

So here's a little golden nugget I haven't shared with you yet: Over the summer we moved house.
Yes readers, I was ripped from my precious childhood home by my cruel, cruel parents and taken to the other side of London.
Previously we had been living in a very suburby area, although still technically in London it was not near any tube stations or useful buses. For the most part, the people you saw there were young families and elderly people (making me one of the few 'hip' young people). BUT NOW, jeesh. We are right in the centre and I see all kinds of people...

Making me the most regular of joe's in my new area.

Not like I hadn't seen people like this before, I wasn't living under a rock. I actually go to school in central london and because of our move am now much closer and can get the bus in.
I thought I would have an easier journey getting a bus in, but it is FULL of teenagers, it is not meant to be a school bus but school students make up about 95% of its passengers in the morning. This means that I have to look respectable ALL THE TIME. Otherwise I will literally be judged by every teenager in London.

I want to go for the, 'Oh this, I just threw this on this morning whilst headed out the house'

Rather than the 'Ah crap, I only did eyeliner on one eye and I don't think I'm wearing my own knickers'

I'll have to make myself get up earlier to get ready in the morning... Which should turn out to be an impossible feat. I'm not sure I even trust anyone who says they are a 'morning person', is it possible for there to be such a thing? They're probably an alien.


  1. I love when I come on here and see something new :) Your posts are very entertaining and relatable. I Wish I could walk out the door with an effortless glow but i'm not holding my breath and I also don't trust morning people...
    Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you! I am trying to be more frequent with my posts, but I literally have the time management skills of a puppy. Its always nice to hear when people appreciate my crapness.

  2. I'm a morning person.
    But that doesn't mean I like to get up at the crack of dawn every day to go sit in class and listen to the teacher drone on and on about irregular verbs!

  3. Ah man irregular verbs are le worst. Looking at your blog (which is lovely by the way) I would expect you to be a morning person as you appear to be quite healthy... Way to make me feel bad about the fact that the last thing I ate was a pudding which consisted of: A brownie, a cookie, some fudge and a little eccles cake (I am literally not kidding)