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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yoga, Pilates...

So I think its pretty safe to say I am the least flexible person probably in the world.

Keeping my legs straight I can not get anywhere near the floor, and although this normally stays as a laughable little trait of mine that not everyone needs to know, it was revealed in sports on Monday.

We were meant to be doing a zumba class, which I very much enjoy as I can just flail my limbs around to some classic tunes.

But this week our teacher suggested some pilates/yoga. And what was meant to be a more relaxing and slow paced lesson had me filled with tension and humiliation.
It was a small class, and it seemed that EVERYONE else there just HAPPENED to have been dancing since the age of three. I was by far the worst, I was even worse than the girl who suffered from spine curvature. Yes readers, I was worse than someone disabled.

I lay there, desperately trying to extend my legs/arms and finding myself quivering all over.

There can be no way our teacher did not see my ridiculously shaking body.

In the end, the whole class would get an instruction, and then I would get my own personalised instruction like 'Maybe you can just go half-way' or 'you don't have to extend your leg that far' which was a relief as well as a crippling embarrassment.

Luckily I did learn some things:
1) Never attempt yoga poses in front of anyone
2) My muscles are only just about able to support my body weight, and will tremble violently if they are made to work at all
3) May not fulfil my goal to become an olympic gymnast...

Alas. It is never to be.


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