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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blog revival?

Long time, no see.

I've been thinking for a while whether or not to revive this blog. I'm a crap blogger and don't deserve any followers, but I do enjoy it (when I get round to it) and have even considered revealing my identity *gasp*

A lot has happened since I lasted blogged...

I went interrailing over the summer
Me - touristing so hard I actually stopped caring.

On the train, I thought I was being clever by slotting our baguette behind my bag straps, but this led to the automatic doors 'karate-chopping' off the end of the baguette off - which I couldn't pick up thanks to my huge backpack.

Upon arriving at our Prague hostel, we found Korean toothpaste in the bathroom, and concluded that one of our roommates must be a really cool Korean teen travelling Europe who we could become best friends with and have an amazing time and it was all gonna be so hip and fun.

She turned out to be 50 years old, went to bed at 19:00, and didn't talk to us at all.

Those are just some interrailing highlights, of I have many more weird stories from the trip...

I went to art school to do an Art and Design Foundation.

It quickly dawned on me that my look does not even come close to the required edgy-ness for art school.
To be a proper art school student you must wear the most random crap you can possibly source.

At one point, when I was working in the fashion illustration specialism, I was dressed to be the fashion model for my class to draw...

A highlight of this when I saw the boy sat right in front of me absentmindedly draw a head, as he had done for every other model - but when he then actually looked at me to properly begin drawing, he immediately rubbed out the head he had just drawn in order to draw one that was much, much rounder.

Thanks dude, as if I needed a reminder of my freakin' moon face.

I decided to specialise in product design - this meant I was inexplicably trusted with huge machines for cutting, welding, bending etc. I somehow managed not to seriously injure myself, but really its only a matter of time.

Anyway, if you have read this, and would like more posts, feel free to comment with something along the lines of 'if you do begin posting again, I will maybe read it.'


  1. I love the part where you describe artscholars fashion sense... really it brings up so many memory's <3

    (I'm one of the weirder peeps of them I geuss :o although I don't do it on purpose)

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  4. I LOVE these posts! Please do more! Please!

  5. I love your blog! its funny and really lightens my mood from my traumatic time at school. please do some more posts
    thanks for making my life a bit more happy xxx

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  7. I have no clue why my rss feed said this was a new blog post, but I just read it again since I do not memorise anything and was delighted again XD I've also done product design and artschool (like... 4 different ones) and your stuff is very relateble. I'd love an update!